Webinar “Taking advantage of digitalization”

The 2014 and Covid-19 crises have hardly affected the whole O&G supply chain: companies are now looking for new solutions to keep safe their people, to improve their operations productive and their products sustainable. These solutions will be a major differentiator for in the market and they could permit to achieve a competitive advantage.

Process optimisation with a digital twin, cloud-based process design, IoT, AI, digital planning and operations and remote presence are now actual opportunities to reshape the enterprises’ business model and asset concept. In this webinar we will introduce some of these topics.

Digital Health Management: a way to reduce cost and maximise productivity

How new digital tools such as digital twin, IoT, enhanced predictive algorithms and AI (machine learning) could create a robust reliability and integrity asset programs.  New solutions are now available to optimise aging assets, reduce CAPEX and OPEX and maximise productivity. The economic value and environmental stability derived from digital twin technology will be evident from improved productivity, utilisation and efficiency, as well as the increased level of safety, transparency and confidence to users and their clients, which potentially provides an opportunity to co-create and collaborate. Digital twins can mitigate the talent and experience gap given its ability to provide prescriptive actions to the maintenance and optimal operation of an asset. Accurate insights on the health of the asset, specifically its electrical, mechanical and structural systems, can improve operational expenditures such as life extension, which can positively influence capital allocation at the business level.

Speaker: Gianpaolo Dalla Vedova, South Europe Offshore and Clean Energy Manager – Lloyd’s Register EMEA

The future is autonomous: highly automated or autonomous assets and remote presence solutions. 

Highly automated and autonomous assets lead the opportunity for the operator to save money and to reduce the risk linked with the human factor element. Highly autonomous solutions will enhance the operational stability for more uptime, increased safety and reduce the reactive; many technologies are available, including digital twins and AI, predictive maintenance, robotics and drones.  The challenge is the confidence from companies and regulators, the reliability and security of communication and the effectiveness of the monitoring framework from sensors to data analysis and acquisition. Finally a proven remote survey capability needs to be adopted, including remote presence tools, data gathering and storing solutions, visual asset management and vision analytics to work smarter, more safely and more efficiently.

Speaker: Paolo Scialla, Principal Electrotechnical Specialist, TTSO, Lloyd’s Register EMEA.

Coordinator: Regina Meloni (regina.meloni@saipem.com)

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