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ANIPLA (Italian National Association for Automation) is a no-profit association whose purpose is to favour and disseminate the knowledge, the study and the application of Automation, in Italy, considering its technological, economic and social aspects.

It was founded in Milan, on Febbrary 20th , 1956, by initiative of eng. Carlo Rossi (at that time president of UNI) and a few other enthusiastic experts and scientists.

Year after year, the passion and cultural dynamism of its members along with the fervid interest of its associates in the several promoted cultural activities, made the association an important landmark of culture in Italy, able to adapt itself to the continuos evolution of Automation.

Nowadays ANIPLA addresses its activity not only to the own associates, but also to the external societies, interested to the Automation world.


According to its Statute, ANIPLA is structured in a several territorial sections, that promote conferences and courses in the entire country.

Every section has a Managerial Council, that operates under the supervision of a General Council, including the presidents of territorial sections.

Each section is indipendent of one another, and it is coordinated by a central section placed in Milan.

Cultural Initiatives

  • National and Local Meetings;
  • Workshops;
  • Conferences;
  • Training Courses;
  • Visits to industrial factories and laboratories.


  • Mounthly magazine (published in italian language) "AUTOMAZIONE E STRUMENTAZIONE"
  • Meeting's Acts;
  • Workshps' report.

Associazione Nazionale Italiana Per L'Automazione

MILAN (ITALY) - p.le Morandi, 2
phone: +39 02 7600 2311 - fax: +39 02 7601 3192 e-mail: anipla@anipla.it